Tarot The Knock of The Spirit

The real spirituality....

True Spirituality, is YOUR spirituality!

The moment you decide to drop the systems, the religions, the guru, the ritual or any other pre conceived idea as to what you think you need to be, do or say to become spiritual - that moment, you become your own spiritual master!

Once you have attained your enlightenment I urge you to look back and re immerse yourself in the system that you have just left and find the gems of wisdom that were once hidden. Then start to expand and explore other systems out of curiosity rather than subservience.

There is no right or wrong, good or bad, love or hate. The only evils are ignorance, subservience, and fear, and the only sin is the judgement of one’s self and another to exercise compassion.

With spiritual mastery or enlightenment comes empathy - a respect for ones self and others without judgement, total acceptance of the reality you experience in that moment with no judgement what so ever. You can then choose to act and impact on your reality in a way you see fit in that moment, to become the master creating your own existence for yourself.

We are all alive in this wonderful plane of existence and should be striving to consciously explore and experience as much diversity as possible.

Following is a taste of what I have experienced so far and an explanation of some services I offer.

A journey into ones self begins with uncertainty.

“I know you come here seeking some certainty, some creed,  some “ism,” somewhere to belong, someone to rely upon. You come here out of your fear. You are searching for a sort of beautiful imprisonment - so you can live without any awareness.

I would like to make you more insecure, more uncertain - because that’s how life is, that’s how God is. When there is more insecurity, more danger, the only way to respond is with awareness.”