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Thokoza Makhosi!

I served a four year apprentiship to qualify as a South African Traditional Healer, Shaman and Inyanga of the Mdawu tradition. I was finally initiated in 2000 and have been practising successfully ever since.

An Inyanga uses a combination of divination, diagnostics, coaching and herbalism blended into a vary rich and ancient cultural lineage. I have studied a lot of various occult sciences, and have never encountered such an ancient and powerful system of Healing and Magic.

I was, and continue to be instructed by a group of wise men and women in the townships around Johannesburg, and from a plethora of other worldly beings during deep meditation and in dreaming. I spent at least six months “under the water” receiving this intensive spiritual instruction.

I currently use these skills to assist clients with;

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Prepacked Muthi Bath Salts

Due to popular demand, I have pre packed the most popular combinations of my herbal muthi. These are available from The House of Isis or Alchemy Esoteric Shoppe in Johannesburg, or I can mail order them to you where ever you are in the World.

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