Magic Energy and Healing

Energy work and Healing concepts.

Healing is a way of intervening with another person or being in such a way so as to bring about a subtle shift in consciousness and vibration to enhance the overall physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being.

Healing is not something which can be forced upon another being. A healer is a facilitator who creates the appropriate space to allow the other to shift into the correct vibrational frequency of healing for them, or not.

The simple action of laying on of hands, stroking a loved one or pet, or giving someone a hug allows  an incredible amount of energy to be balanced and blended, and an amazing amount of healing has been facilitated and experienced from these simple acts.

“Health is the perfect harmony of all the forces operating inside the body with respect to the basic qualities of the elements. There need not prevail such a great disharmony of the element a to set free a visible effect which is called disease. For disharmony in the form of sickness is already an essential disturbance in the workshop of the elements inside the body.” Franz Barden - Initiation into Hermetics

Everything in existence, in all dimensions exit because it and the materials of which it is composed is vibrating at a certain frequency. Energy is the force used to attain and maintain a specific frequency and in physical terms, energy is usually measurable when a frequency shifts or changes. Energy can not be destroyed or created in our three dimensional existence, and is seems to be constantly moving towards equilibrium. This constant move towards equilibrium is what brings about healing of our physical bodies or circumstances.

In our reality as we experience it, everything is composed of elements - Earth, Fire, Air, Water, and Spirit in various quantities and concentrations specific to each item . These elemental combinations are in harmony for each specific organism, cell or atom type. Each element is however gravitating to its like element, and without intervention the organism will over time decompose back to its constituent parts. Metaphysically, we see the Spirit element as the glue which binds the other elements together . A soon as the Spirit element withdraws, the composition of the elements de-animates.

Energy work is healing and healing is energy work!

To effect effective and lasting healing with a client, the healer should be able to analise and re balance the vibrational frequency of the organism on thing being healed. To do this the disharmony of elements needs to be understood so that the “healer” and fine tune the energetic composition of each elemental concentration within the matrix of the whole there by allowing the body or item to once again resonate with the correct frequency for it.

Non physical healing systems like; Laying on of Hands, Prayer, Meditation, various labels of Energy healing like Vortex, Reiki etc, QXCI, SCUSI, Radionics and others all use non physical energy transfer mechanisms (telekinesis, astral travel, and intentional energy direction) to shift energetic frequency thereby facilitation a natural elemental re balancing.

Physical healing systems like Ayurveda, fasting, dieting and medication, either prescription or other serve to physically fine tune the chemical balance of the body there by facilitating energy shifts and elemental balance results.