Magic African Muthi

The Control of Consciousness at Will

Magic is nothing more than the focus of the practitioners intention on a specific outcome.

There are two types of Magic, Invocational and Evocational.

Invocational Magic

A process used to attract  energies and influences from other realms of consciousness where by wisdom  is attained by allowing archetypical thoughts to rise in ones subconscious there by affecting our personal world view and understanding of that moment in time. This allows the practitioner to focus and achieve a particular outcome.

Evocational Magic

A process where by the practitioners will in imposed upon other realms of consciousness there by bringing about a deeper understanding of ourselves in the moment. This gives the practitioner the unbending intent to bring about the outcome that is expected.

All systems of religion, belief, meditation, worship and all occult arts fall within one of these categories, and most of them combine the two.

To maximise your magical experience, I suggest that you keep a magical diary in which you write your dreams, meditations and other insights you receive during the day. This creates an invaluable reference for you to allow you to understand your particular strengths, weaknesses, hopes and fears of what makes up the unique you. Each of us responds differently to what ever beings or energies on the astral and higher planes , and this response is a direct result of how we understand ourselves and how we use both invocation and evocation to enhance our personalities.

An understanding of ones own personality, the hierarchies of otherworldly beings, the five elements, and working knowledge of the Kabalistic tree of life should be the start of your magical journey. It  is very easy to contact these archetypical beings of varying degrees of sophistication and maturity, so it is essential to remember that if you use a Ouija board or similar device, you are likely to attract a being resonating with your or the groups lowest and basest energy first with potentially disastrous results. It is essential to establish a solid and stable consciousness before embarking on a magical journey.

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